Friday, August 26, 2011

Color to the Rescue

August is not the shining time in my garden, and after a week of cutting back and cleaning up, the results were much neater but certainly not beautiful! How I longed for some color, some bloom! The long, hot dry midwest summer had taken it's toll, not to mention the Japanese beetle, so I was feeling somewhat resigned to what I could not control this year, and with that stubborn optomism that only gardeners can understand, I consoled myself with taking mental notes for next year.

When I arrived at the Botanical garden to tend the Herb Garden there today I was greeted with an astounding display of bloom and color.  While my own garden at home was languishing in the throes of summer's end, this garden was putting on a display to dazzle my garden clogs off!

I left the Herb Garden with a new and fulfilling sense of  gratitude, and while the typical understanding of the term "volunteer" is working without pay - I have never felt so wealthy.

Everlastings in the Dye/Crafting section

Nicotiana - the wild and the cultivated varieties existing together in harmony

From garden to harvest - globe amaranth destined to adorn a wreath soon!

Red and Purple . . . did you ever think? In case there was ever any doubt, nature does have a sense of fashion.

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