Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hey Sailor!

I'm not in the habit of picking up men, but this one had me at "Hello". He was on the floor in the island cottage when I walked in, doing what a good doorstop is suppose to do, so I picked him up and carried him outside to the porch where he could see the fantastic ocean view. As he was obviously a fisherman, it seemed like the right thing to do. Who knows how long he was down there on the dusty wooden planks, longing for the sea. I knew from the start that we shared something deep - deep as in water. Not to mention the fish thing , I am a Pisces after all. After an all too short time together, I said goodbye to my sailor and left him there where I found him, promising we would meet again. Who knows, maybe same time next year?

The View my sailor was missing

Fish Beach on Monhegan Island

BRINGING IN THE FISH  by James Fitzgerald, my favorite Monhegan artist.

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