Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Sweet and Sticky September

September is National Honey Month

Beautiful Flowers opened their petals generously, happily, inviting the wasps and bumblebees to drink from deep inside their hearts .   --Irene Nemirovsky  Suite Francais

"Easy for you to say" , I can hear the bees buzzing in our ears . . . did you know the honey bee is in danger as the population diminishes?  Every gardener can help by planting herbs and flowers to attract the bees, and by not using the pesticides that threaten their fragile existence.

This beautiful creature and lots of his buddies were enjoying the blossoms of the rustic arugula in the herb garden.  Not wanting to interfere in this glorious display, I promptly abandoned my plans to pull out the wayward arugula seedlings.  Nature knows best! Its good to know when to
 let go and let God.

A weathered bee skep is nestled into the Bee Garden, surrounded by  a burst of brilliant blue at the end of summer with perennial ageratum. Persistant sprigs of chamomile are still appearing at the base of the bloomed out Bee balm.

Like a precious jewel, a jar of newly gathered honey glows amber in the summer sunlight. This is the crowning glory of the honey bee- the royal offering of hundreds of hours of hard work, ours to savor and enjoy! I need a scone!

The Honey Bee and the Bee Hive have been the inspiration for years of pottery and tablewear designs - this is  just a small sampling of my own collection.

The flutter of the butterfly, the humming of the bees, I think there is no sweeter music in my garden than these.

with Paper and Paint

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