Sunday, December 4, 2011

An Ode to Boats

I know, I  know  . . .the rest of the world seems to be worrying about snow and shopping, but Ive been re-reading The Wind In The Willows , and I cant stop thinking of our boat. I feel she needs a proper farewell before the year ends, so I'm squeezing it in here. Its my homage to all boats, ones I have owned, ones I have borrowed, and one's I have had the pleasure of just watching. 

As I bid farewell to summer this year,  I also said goodbye to our humble little boat.  She got old and worn out, but I loved her still. Why? Well for one thing she was the first boat we ever owned that had a cabin below with a head, a galley, and a bed! Then there was the real teak wood that adorned so much of her deck and interior, and the name on her side - "Petite Bateau" - French of all things! She had class, and she was the scene of many warm and sunny memories with friends and family.  Especially magical were the soft velvet evenings on the river, with stars twinkling above and the moon throwing a long luminous path across the dark water.

Boats at rest as the sun sets over the harbor in Door County, Wisconsin - a feast for the eyes as the day ends in ribbons of liquid gold and amethyst.

We talked for days about this one, wondering what it looked like inside and trying to imagine how it would be to travel the Florida waters in a craft like this! 

Spotted on a recent trip to Paris . How much fun would it be to "rent" one of these and spend the day sailing on the pond in the park!

Canoes can be challenging fun - especially when you are trying to keep them 'right side up' on the Crystal River adventure in Wisconsin.

This boat got a second chance at life , and though it's days at sea seem to be over, it still manages to put on a very good show. Just goes to show you, we all have more than one talent!

How exciting to be sailing off the coast of Maine. I watched this boat from the rock-hard safety of my island , but  I could actually feel the thrill of the wind and water.

Ive never met a boat I didnt want to ride on, but an early morning solitary sojourn on a calm, quiet lake has to be the best of all. Just me, slipping slowly looking through the crystal water with the sound of the paddle as it splashes at my side. Ahhhhhhh . . .

A boat at rest in the harbor is a beautiful thing, but boats are built to sail, to race and to soar.  And so, I believe, are we!

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  1. My favorite quote from The Wind in the Willows is from the scene where Mole admits that he's never been in a boat before, and the Water Rat sputters, "Well, for goodness sake---what have you been doing?"

  2. " Ratty PLEASE I want to row"