Saturday, December 24, 2011

Snow Scenes

The moon, the stars, the glistening snow
wishing you a Christmas thats bright and beautiful
and a sparkling New Year

There is a quality of stillness so rare that the air shimmers in its presence, like right after a new snowfall

Needless to say,, this phot0 was taken last year, no snow for us this year - but we can dream,  so let's just remember . . . .

Skating on the Pond at Glen Oak Lagoon, this is from a painting by  Elmer King  - a much-loved Peoria area artist.
Skating with friends and family on these park ponds was a
wonderful part of our winters for many years.

Mt. Pilatus in Lucerne Switzerland, 1967, the only year we spent Christmas away from home, far away from home!

 A favorite miniature painting by my Aunt Betty - 1975

Can you remember the movie Little Women
with Katherine Hepburn? That is one big snowman.

It wouldnt be Christmas without the art of Tasha Tudor and her wonderful books.

Today we have Facebook, my mother and her friends had Autograph Books - they actually wrote in them with a pen!  I think they might have written "Yours till the snow flakes" . . . .

With Paper & Paint    A Simple Gift

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  1. Dear Jan,
    Thank you for commenting on my Artjournal and please feel free to use that quote.
    You have a beautiful blog here too - I like the mixture of painting and photographs, old and new and I'll surely be coming back (I've become a "follower" already!).
    Have a great 2012!