Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Little Pink Houses

Think of the inside of your house as your soul and the outside architecture as something like your bone structure, your gentle inheritance . . .our true home is inside each of us, and it is your love of life that transforms your house into your home.
- Alexandra Stoddard

Cant get enough of those palm trees, old Florida stucco cottages, and early morning walks in the warm sunshine, where I passed all of these little charmers. I left my I pod and music at home  and chose to tote my camera instead - just too many photo ops to miss. I didn't miss the music at all, the birds and the ocean waves in the background more than made up for it.

There's Flamingo Pink

And  Banana Yellow

And Mint Green

And Ice White

. . . .who knows what color this one is - it's completely blanketed by a solid covering of  teeming tropical life. I can only imagine how many tiny little lizards are happily scampering in and out of the vines.

The monstrous mega- mansions that are slowly replacing the look and feel of so many neighborhoods can certainly impress, but too many original works of  historic Florida architecture have been sacrificed. It was really heartwarming for me to observe the many older homes that are obviously still cherished and lovingly maintained.

Here's a peek inside a special little Florida cottage, well loved and happily home over the years to countless seekers of the warmest and sunniest  hospitality to be found anywhere.

Wherever your address , whatever the climate you are dealing with,  whatever the color of your house,  know you are in a special place, the place where you live.  I wonder if the mailman smiles when he gets to this address each day?  I sure hope so!

Isn't this the  perfect wine for a beach picnic?  I wanted to save the label, but couldn't get it off the bottle, so I had to paint it instead. Cheers!

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