Saturday, March 24, 2012

Garden Games

Garden Games

Its March and I'm just getting out to my garden to do some serious clean up - along with Spring clean up comes discovery - the fun part, and in an effort to keep my sense of humor in the midst of the rakes, shovels, bags and enough branches and twigs to build a small bridge to nowhere, I think my garden is playing games with me.

Hide and Seek

This exquisite primula was patiently waiting to be uncovered, peeking out just enough  from the big oak leaves to catch my eye.  Its always a joyous occasion when this little plant returns in the spring

Hop Scotch

The digitalis has jumped over the boards and created a new colony in the pathway. This is one of my favorite flowers, and I am more than thrilled with all the new offspring. Now to find a  home for them before they get too big . . . .

Catch Me If You Can

Well,  this game is going on everywhere I look. A madly mild winter,  combined with temperatures in March that would be more appropriate for June,  is pumping all the plants up, and the result is an explosion of growth and bloom.  Trees, shrubs, bulbs, everything is racing to put out blossoms and leaves all at once.  There will be no gradual unfolding of the garden this year - its going to be wild ride Mr Toad!