Friday, June 8, 2012

Notes on a French Market

Joie de vivre - a feeling of healthy enjoyment of life, exhuberance

It was a gathering of Creme de la creme

 One whole day, lots of vendors with beautiful wares, and some really tasty treats to keep everyone well fed! Let's relive it one more time!

This is our signature scene for the Market with a French feeling,  so if you haven't been to Paris yet, just come to Moss Ave. on September 22, no air travel required!

Setting up is half the fun, Stone Well Garden offered vintage garden antiques and herbs. 

Happy Customers and Happy Vendors - who can tell the difference?

French women cant have too many beautiful scarves. They were going fast. The artist here must be calling her silk broker in the Orient to order more precious fabric. 

Exquisite jewelry , letterpress and sweet creations of linen and lace, a winning mix.

Baguettes and Croissants - yummy and double yummy . . . . .

As if the French bakery wasnt enough, more breads, beeswax candles and books from our favorite Monastery, St. Bede's.

The line at the Creperie never stopped!

Pastries must be washed down with French Roast!

Every Atelier requires a smiling staff

There were fabulous finds at every turn, and we cant wait to do it again in September, au revoir!

French macarons

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