Sunday, June 24, 2012

shabby but not chic

How quickly the natural world returns to its own order after we have passed through it, shouting our names -
Joe Comer, Pocketful of Names

Shabby seems to be the word that describes it best, most of my garden needs a haircut and so do I.

Viewer discretion advised . . . these are not pretty pictures

The foxglove is still struggling to stand tall, but the stalks are covered with browning blossoms, and the seed heads are forming.  Since this patch of elegant flowers seems to enjoy staking out its own territory in my garden, I'm going to ignore the untidiness of it all and let it happen , secure in the knowledge that they will reappear again next year in all their pink and crimson glory..

The roses are flushing out in a meager burst of bloom, nothing to compare with their first glorious show a month ago, and while I'm not impressed, the Japanese beetles seem to be less discriminating.  So its "off with their heads" by me, in an effort to win that crazy game.

Geraniums have gone from compact globes of brilliant blue to tall, scraggly, tangled masses. Its as if they  know that as long as they are blooming in some fashion I cant bear to cut them back. But I will gather my courage and my scissors and show them who is boss tomorrow!

The chamomile flops, refusing to perform as a lawn or ground cover for me, and the trumpet vine threatens to take over the world. It definitely has taken over the stone well - 

The hollyhocks are smallish , their bases riddled with rust and insect holes, and I fear I may not even get one  hollyhock doll out of them.

I could go on and on, but nobody can stand a gardener who whines all the time.

This year my garden has survived a very hot and dry spring, as well as a large helping of neglect from the gardener, that's me. So in all fairness, I really need to be both forgiving and tolerant.  With eyes that look at the big picture, I must say that for every shabby spot there is also a spot of  beauty,  Its always an  adventure to see what happens when I DONT  take control and nature does. I know, I never really had control anyway.

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