Monday, January 2, 2012

The January Blues

I've been hearing a lot of commentary lately about January Blues, After Holiday Letdown,
Winter Doldrums , and on and on.  Hey, I LOVE January. Its like my annual great big wonderful gift of  a whole month of opportunity. My time to put away, sort out, catch up, pull together, wind down even , all without a single mandatory imposed deadline - just my own TO DO list, written by me alone!

The winter skies outside may be occasionally gray , the landscape bare and bleak, the air wet and cold, but inside its warm and cozy, and everywhere I look there is some little unfinished project that I have wanted to do for months.

The color blue meeets me around every corner today, so here is my own joyful version of January Blues . Join me on  treasure hunt for  bright blues, pale blues, sparkling blues and clear blues - through the house, through the photo albums,  and through my memories.

The  Rosemary plants, snug and safe in their winter glass house, are adding their unique touch of blue with fragrant blossoms bursting forth from every branch.

This may be the bluest room I every stayed in - a tiny hotel in Paris!

Blue glass bottles are transformed into jewels by the light

Blue vases and blue walls

The most royal of all blue birds, a regal peacock
 I met at a Charleston S.C. Plantation

January and February feel like a gift of time more than anything - and what better gift is there? Now the garden is asleep, the Holidays are over, and Im free to play, to dream, to savor the restful season that is winter.

Blue is what you make of it -So have a cup of tea in a blue willow cup and dream of the first signs of spring, with blue flowers peeking up through the newly green grass

With paper and paint - a cup of tea in a blue willow cup