Saturday, October 20, 2012

Playing House

by Rachel Field

This is the key to the playhouse
In the woods by the pebbly shore,
It's winter now: I wonder if
There's snow about the door?
I wonder if the flower-sprigged cups
And plates sit on their shelf
And if my little painted chair
Is rocking by itself

It doesn’t matter  how small or how big it is – I love to play house .  When I got my first playhouse I was over 50 -becoming a grandmother was the perfect excuse to make my dream finally come true!  But I couldn't have had more fun,  and with the help of some man-power from the men in my life – the dream became a reality.

Summer is nearly over and it is time to wash the teacups , tuck in the dolls and bunnies, and close the windows against the changing chilly winds.. .

Small houses have been a delightful part of childhood for generations. There is magic in having a space that
"just fits", and there is no better place to take tea with cookies.

Tiny tea parties call for very small treats

Tea parties are for everyone – boys and girls, tiny tots and big shots.

 Tea with the Twins

Cousins get cozy

Its never too soon to practice proper manners

Small houses are fun for the small boys also

This little guy liked sweeping the porch better than anything

Who invited the kittens? They must have heard about the cream!

Some of life is ever-changing, but thankfully some things never change – little ones grow up but the playhouse stands at the ready for the next curious child – always  ready for tea in the afternoon after a morning of planting seeds in the little garden that surrounds the house. 

The little garden offers a place to experiment, pick miniature bouquets, and snip fresh herbs for tea.

But oh! We loved the Little House
A thousand -ten times moré!
We loved the tiny window-panes
The funny swinging door.

The Little House by Abbie F Brown  1908