Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What Do The Flowers Say?

The occasion called for a Tussie Mussie - 
so many do you know , and the garden was happy to oblige.
I like to begin each of these little nosegays with a single red
or a group of small pink roses at the center.
The rest of the herbs and flowers are wrapped around in sequence, each one chosen for it's meaning

This pink and pretty rose is fragrant as well as beautiful. 

                   It doesn't matter the name or variety,
                               as long as it fits the bill.

Herbs and flowers are clipped and the stems trimmed. 
All grouped and laid out to begin.
Thyme, marjoram, sage, feverfew, rosemary, scented geraniums and mint.

The paper lace collars,  green floral tape, ribbons and reference books complete the picture

The finished Tussie Mussie is tucked into a little vase 
and ready for delivery.
A card with the meanings of all the herbs
and flowers is attached.

I have here made a
Nosegay of culled flowers,
And I have brought nothing of my own
But the thread that

Ties them together – Michel de Montaigne

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