Saturday, June 11, 2016

NO Buttermilk Required

Martha says . . . . .     

  1. Paint unglazed terra-cotta pots with yogurt, buttermilk, plant-food solution, or beer, then rub with earth; keep pots moist by planting something in them and watering. In three months they'll look centuries old.

 I have actually looked for a recipe to create moss on my pots, yearning for that green and mossy look that speaks to me of the English gardens. 

And speaking of English gardens, how about the days of drizzle and gray skies overhead, all evoking the feeling of a verdant countryside, laced with stone walls and hedgerows teeming with wild roses and softly chirping birds.

Well I have it right here in the Midwest, moss and all!  

                The dove does look handsome 
                 with his mantle of green.

            And my miniature village is looking
            appealingly ancient .

Moss and Lichens are even growing on this garden seat - a tapestry effect that only nature could create.

If I sit still long enough , will moss grow on me?

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