Saturday, January 3, 2015

Undecking The Halls

There are only two days in the year 
about which nothing can be done.
One is yesterday, the other is tomorrow.
But today . . . . . -dalai lama

 The glitter was great, the candles were aglow, 
but all glitter must eventually go –
 and I’m not at all sad about it. Well, maybe I'm little sad about the red wax on my tablecloth . ..

Sweeping away all the shiny bright from the mantel – 
and in it’s place a new vignette, simple, a little austere, but welcome. Now an  homage to books and reading, 
my favorite January indulgence.

The little feather tree is cleared away and on the table some blooming narcissus and the first stack of plant catalogs 
are ready for savoring. 
Because what follows the Holiday season?  
 Spring of course,with a few filled precious winter months 
to plan  and anticipate it.

  Back to the inspiration board with dreams of projects , paintings, and whatever else captures me .

There’s something about a clean slate, isn’t there?