Saturday, October 15, 2016

No man is an island

For whatever we lose, like a you or a me, it's always ourselves that we find at the sea . . . . one of the best things to find at the sea is your own special island, for me this summer that island was in Maine.

Monhegan, 10 miles out to sea, a million miles from the voices of the rest of the world,  just for now.

A smaller island, uninhabited now, sits across from Monhegan, creating a quiet harbor for the boats . 

"MANANA - a mountain hidden by the sea, her secret body descends in depths unmeasured , touching the floor of time." - Kate C Chappell

The houses and cottages settle into the rock, their faces turned expectantly towards the open sea.

"Here, on the cottage deck, beneath the flag. petunias, white as gull's breast, flap against cerulean sky"- ISLAND MORNING, Frances D. Vaughn

Oh, you wont know why and you can't say how, 
Such a change upon you came
But once you've slept on an island, 
You'll never be quite the same.  - Rachel Field

Small tokens from the beaches and the woods, pencils sketches in my journal, ways to save and to savor the memories.

Island Sunset

The days may end with sunset or fog, 
but the memories linger on and on.

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