Saturday, August 20, 2016

Summer Madness

How quickly the natural world returns to it's own order after we have passed through, shouting our names - Pocketful of Names, Joe Comer

Returning from a two week "vacation", my garden greeted me with less than a welcome and I found myself looking out and down, mostly down as I went straight to work on the weeds that had flourished on neglect. The days were hot and muggy, I was hot and muggy, and I grumbled more than I hummed.  August, I mumbled to my self, not a favorite time for this garden!

When I finally straightened up my beds and my body, satisfied that I had conquered the encroaching wilderness, I looked up and out and I saw the zinnias . . . and the swallow tails, and . . .how had I missed all that?

The basil was enormous, full of blooms and bubble bees, perfuming the air all around it.

All the hydrangeas seemed to be abundant with blossoms

The Chinese lanterns had never been so bright and unblemished

Even the phlox were brilliant, no mildew in sight.

The petunias literally glowed, I think they had doubled in size while I was away.

Soon the tapestry of my late summer garden took hold
 and I headed to the garden shed for my flower snips . 
 August after all is the best month for gathering bright and beautiful bouquets.